Reading between the Wines: May 5th, 2016

6:30 pm; Discussion leader—Gloria

The book we will be discussing this month is “Tim” by Colleen McCullough.

Gloria Masters is the discussion leader.

Mary Horton is a successful career woman in her forties, presenting a determinedly unadorned and self-contained image to the outside world in the belief that she can live without friendship and love. Tim Melville is a young man with the physical beauty, power and grace of the classical ideal, but he has the mind of a child. They are drawn to one another from their first chance meeting, enjoying a growing friendship which, sadly, arouses suspicion in the minds of those who wish to protect Tim. Although threatened, their unique relationship retains its essential strength, demonstrating that their lives are, above all, their own.

Come and enjoy a glass or two of wine, a good book, and a stimulating discussion with good friends!

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