Breakfast by the Book: February 17th, 2017

The story of the muralist is the tale of a young French-American artist, Alizee Benoit, involved in the Abstract Impressionism movement in New York. She’s gaining recognition as an artist and works and lives with other artists. Her lover is Mark Rothko and her closest friend is Lee Krasner. (B.A. Shapiro combines both real and fictional characters in her book). But Alizee is also trying to get her Jewish relatives from France and Germany. A subplot is the voyage of the refugee ship St Louis which was turned away from docking in Cuba and the United States and the on-going anti-Jewish policies of the Roosevelt administration. But she has a friend in First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, an admirer of her art work. Then Alizee disappears, never to be seen again. Leader – Bonnie Botsford: Refreshments – Beth Kauffman

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